„If you want to go fast – go alone, if you want to go far go – go together“ – African proverb

PASU gives back – to the people and the environment. This maxim is particularly illustrated in the above-mentioned African proverb and forms the deeply rooted backbone of our label. We are as sustainable as possible and ensure to keep our sustainability standards up to date. That’s why we work with partners who share the same goal and vision. To supervise this, we visit our partners, before we form partnerships with them.

The main sources of inspiration for PASU are Congo, the country of origin of the founder and maker of the brand, as well as Africa. The logo of PASU is a unambiguous example of these African influences. It shows a stylized leopard. The leopard is considered as the original emblem of the Democratic Republic Congo.

The first collection was designed by Hamburg-based designer Christian von der Heide. The leopard does not only serve as a logo, but is also as an inspiration for patterns and designs. The results of this cooperation are high-quality urban classics that combine fairness and style.

We select all textiles with caution and diligence and work with 100% organic cotton whenever possible.
The entire collection is traded fair.
One of our next goals is to work with natural dyes whenever possible. We want to use traditional dyeing techniques that are environmentally friendly, vegan, skin-friendly and harmless to health.

In a short time, the PASU hangtags will be made entirely from recycled paper.

For shipping, we solely use shipping bags made of recycled plastic. We send climate-neutral with DHL Go Green in order to be able to contribute a share to climate protection.

A part of our profit is donated to international aid projects and non-profit organizations to also make a difference outside the fashion world.